Conservatory Styles

Victorian 3×3 Conservatories

Victorian conservatory design is sandwiched between those of Georgian conservatories and Edwardian conservatories. The Victorian design reflects the advancement of technology which meant that more and more daring constructions could be attempted.

The latter day Victorian conservatory design reflects this more extravagant ideal in that the shape and size can vary somewhat. One common feature is the apex roof with a high pitch. The basic shape is one that is rectangular where the conservatory is attached to the main building with the opposite end is half a hexagon.

This means that a smaller sized Victorian conservatory is not suited to large units of furniture. This is where the Edwardian conservatory has a distinct advantage with it’s rectangular shape, which allows furniture to be compactly housed.

The Victorian Conservatory Design

Victorian Conservatory DesignThis style is very popular, particularly on older properties and even more so on properties built during that era.

Larger modern houses can sit well with Victorian conservatories; however, the design does not fit well with bungalows.

A Victorian conservatory can be constructed out of any of the three main materials, aluminium, hardwood or PVCu. The easier way to choose is to match the material to the age of the property.

So an older property would suit a hardwood conservatory and likewise a modern property would look better with an aluminium or PVCu conservatory.

Not only should the conservatory match the style of the house but also the conservatory furniture should match the style of the conservatory. Whatever the anticipated use of the conservatory it is likely to be used more when the structure is finished, so this should be considered when looking at the final size and shape.

It should be easy to find any number of retailers in your area that have show conservatories on site. So a visit to these places is well worth while.