French Patio Doors for Main Entrances

Front & Back Doors  in Composite Designs

We’re not here to solely brag about top quality windows. We also have top notch composite doors, also provides quotes for installations and repairs of composite and uPVC doors, so you can have every entrance into your household properly secured by doors made of materials that abide to the latest trends & features in modern door constructions.

Patio DoorsIf you need a new door, it’s high time you turned a blind eye to traditional materials in favour of more modern uPVC and composite.

These patio doors not only require less maintenance, but they are much more effective in terms of thermal performance, resistance to impact and to damaging environmental agents like sunlight or water.

You should know by now why is uPVC so highly acclaimed as a construction material for window frames and doors. What about composite doors?

Composite doors are made from a blend of different materials including modern and traditional ones likes uPVC and fiberglass, respectively wood.

It’s like taking the best out of each material and combining it to create a design immune to the problems associated with less performing materials. By choosing, you get composite doors that don’t require any painting or coating to maintain their aesthetics. They do not rust, change shape or colour, they’re very stable and great value for money.

How about saying good-bye to foggy windows and stop acknowledging the ‘it’s bound to happen’ status of misted issues in favour of pristine windows and conservatory doors?

If this problem has already occurred in your home, our window repairs specialists can make it disappear and offer you the technology that lowers the chances of getting condensed windows when the temps of the exterior glass panes drop.

If this hasn’t happened to you yet, we can’t think of a better way to prevent it then have our double glazing specialists install top quality uPVC windows. And you know what’s even better?

Using those will substantially reduce heat loss and the sum paid for having double or triple glazed windows will be insignificant compared with the money you’d be saving from energy bills.