How does double glazing work?

The way double glazing works is by trapping air between two panes of glass, which creates an insulating barrier. The effect of this barrier is three fold. Firstly it will prevent heat loss through windows as the barrier insulates the room.

Secondly, double glazing will help keep noise pollution down.

The third benefit which is less known is that double glazing helps reduce condensation. This is because the air trapped between the panes of glass provides a barrier between the cold air outdoor and the warm air inside.

Where can double glazing be used.

upvc double glazing bay windowDouble glazing can be fitted anywhere really. All new properties and conservatories will have double glazing through out.

Also, French windows and patio doors will be double glazed. If you have an older property with irregular sized windows, then you can get made to measure replacement windows with double glazed built in.

Why choose double glazing

As we mentioned earlier double glazing can reduce heat loss, noise pollution and condensation. It is worth mentioning the knock on benefits of these attributes to reinforce the decision to get double glazing.

Reducing heat loss will obviously reduce heating bills and by making heating your property more efficient. This also means you are making a contribution to reducing pollution and so benefitting the environment.

The reduction in noise will give you a greater sense of privacy, particular if you live alongside a busy road. Finally, condensation can damage curtains and create damp atmospheres, so again this has good all round advantages.

Where to buy it from

The major reason people are put off double glazing is the unfortunate reputation suffered by double glazing salesmen. Barely above estate agents in the food chain, double glazing salesmen have a reputation for hard selling and sharp practice.

We will look at ways of avoiding these people elsewhere, but rest assured that not all companies are like this. and one of the first places you can look to find quotes for windows and doors is