Double Glazing Costs & Window Repairs

Fixing double glazed windows that are malfunctioning

Double Glazing CostsBy selecting the services of our company, ideal results are guaranteed, and the time to reach those results is a lot shorter since we have most parts in handy to avoid the need of multiple visits.

uPVC window repairs are optimally carried out, even when the problematic windows are part of patios or conservatories.

Sliding mechanisms, door handles and hinges can get damaged anytime, giving free way to other occurring issues like draught, poor performance, breakage, burglaries and many other problems associated with failing window parts.

We know all the features and prices for restoring the flawless state of your uPVC windows, from repairing a stuck patio window to a broken handle of your conservatory window.

Repair or replace malfunctioning mechanisms without affecting the look and performance of the rest of your window. The frame or glass panes may remain intact, whilst other companies may advertise the full replacement of your windows as an imperative action.

We restore your window to perfect working status without looking at your unit as a money making machine. If the problem can be sorted out by repairing what’s broken, we will never put pressure on the costlier idea of getting a replacement. This way you’ll get optimal security at a fraction of the price of purchasing a new window.

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Draughty uPVC windows

Is your uPVC double glazing window the cause of the uncomfortable temperature in the room? Are your windows so draughty you’re getting concerned about future heating bills? Your problem might be easily fixed by simply updating your window hinges. It’s a basic and less time consuming procedure, but it will increase the security of your home, minimize the noise from the exterior and save you money on heating, so do yourself a big favour and get in touch with us.

Misted uPVC windows

uPVC window repairs can also make foggy glass panes a thing of the past. The misted aspect of your double glazing windows is caused by air infiltrating through a broken seal, thus allowing for condensation to occur inside the glass panes. Seals that no longer work properly are due to wear and tear, faulty parts or incorrectly fitted glazing units. Replacing a single sealed window will cost close to nothing in comparison with having a “foggy” situation. Condensation issues have to be mended as soon as possible because misted windows are unaesthetic, unreliable, can lead to insulation issues and can decrease the value of your premises.

uPVC window repairs can restore the pristine appearance of your windows by using quality replacement sealed units. Such a solution will reinstate the functionality of your windows, is cost-efficient and comes with adequate warranty for your peace of mind.

Our uPVC window repairs specialists can deal with numerous window issues, from most basic to more complex. We have the knowledge and the experience to make all of the following go away, fast and effectively:

  • Broken glass;
  • Damaged uPVC frame
  • Blown sealed units;
  • Misty windows;
  • Leaky windows;
  • Malfunctioning window handles, hinges and locks;
  • Faulty uPVC door parts;
  • Misaligned windows and uPVC doors;
  • Ageing wheels on sliding uPVC doors.

All uPVC door and window parts can be improved or fixed, with locks, handles and catches being replaceable or repairable without the need to abandon the old structure and replace the frame or casement.

Say good-bye to common and more complex window problems and contact uPVC window repairs to get a free quote and possibly make the first attempt in restoring your windows back to health!