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If you are looking for the best deals www.upvcwindowsfitted.co.uk is synonymous with providing the following uPVC unit services: supplying, installing and repairing windows, doors and conservatories made from un-plasticized polyvinyl chloride, a unique take on polyvinyl chloride whose superior quality makes other, more traditional materials lose their appeal.

We know all there is to know about uPVC and we have the experience, products and services to prove it. uPVC is no longer a mystery for us, our Double Glazing specialists being more than happy to provide you free quotations on your uPVC projects. Or maybe you’re unsure whether your options should comprise uPVC in the first place?

What is uPVC and why choose uPVC Windows?

 4 UPVC Windows Styling

We’re pretty sure PVC leaps right into thought when you’re thinking about window frame materials, but what if we told you that PVC windows were actually manufactured using uPVC? The latter is a material more synchronized with the rhythm of the chaotic world we live in, a material created to withstand the test of time, diverse weather conditions and strong impacts.

Choose uPVC for its numerous outstanding properties that make window and door units last longer, requiring less maintenance and keeping up with the latest trends in estate designs.

uPVC is utilized for various structures besides window frames, doors and conservatories, but we’re not here to talk about drainage pipes, we’re here to accentuate how uPVC can be put to good use in constructions, particularly in your home.

PVC is a rigid and stiff type of polyvinyl chloride, and in certain instances, it requires softening agents in the form of plasticizers. When it comes to making double glazing windows and doors however, the hardness of PVC is greatly appreciated, hence its use in an un-plasticized version – uPVC.